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Motorized Stand


The Motorized Stand from MediRedd Wellness is a high-performance support system designed for light therapy panels. With an adjustable height range of 80 to 160cm, it provides precise positioning for optimal therapy. This versatile stand can accommodate models like RDPRO1500, RDPRO3000, and RDPRO6000, with a maximum capacity for four RD1000 or RD1500 panels. The motorized mechanism ensures smooth height adjustments at the touch of a button, delivering convenience and flexibility. Ideal for home or professional use, the Motorized Stand offers a robust and reliable base for your MediRedd Wellness light therapy setup.


The Motorized Stand is the ultimate adjustable support for your light therapy panels. This motorized stand offers a wide range of height adjustments, from 80 to 160cm, allowing you to position your panels at the perfect height for optimal therapy.

Designed to support a variety of models, including RDPRO1500, RDPRO3000, and RDPRO6000, this stand is incredibly versatile. Its robust design can hold up to four RD1000 or RD1500 panels, providing a comprehensive light therapy setup with ease.

The motorized mechanism ensures smooth and precise height adjustments at the touch of a button, making it effortless to customize your light therapy experience. Whether you’re using it for home or professional applications, the Motorized Stand delivers stability and reliability.

With a sleek design and durable construction, this stand seamlessly integrates into any environment, providing a solid base for your MediRedd Wellness light therapy panels. Upgrade your therapy setup with the Motorized Stand, and enjoy the convenience and flexibility of automated height adjustments.

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